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Vision and the child
A baby is born pre-equipped to acquire a good vision within a few years. 
The visual acuity at birth is 1/20th, 1/10th at 3 months and 4/10th at 1 year.
By 3 months of age convergence  is fair and color perception develops.
The depth perception comes in at 7-8 months.
The convergence reflex is already present at 4 months. 
The in-depth vision comes in at 6 months along with the perception of colours.
The visual field is close to its adult size at 1 year.
Vision ties children to their environment; it plays a fundamental role in a child’s harmonious development. It ensures 80% of the child’s knowledge and safety. 
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Is your child having good eyesight?
The eyesight troubles detection may be engaged on starting with infants as young as 3 months old.
It is recommended for all children when they will turn 9 months old or so, and definitely required if the child’s eyesight seems abnormal.
An eye deficiency, or an incorrect eyes alignment- strabismus- may be marginal and quite easily un-noticeable.
When the child will reach the age of 3 years old, it will be already too late to start a really efficient treatment.
It is very important that your child starts school with a good visual comfort.

Some specific markers of a child’s eyesight evolution
At birth a newborn distinguishes his/her parents faces. 
Babies frequently may appear cross-eyed during their first weeks.  
Between 2 and 3 months of age, the baby will focus and begin following objects with his/her eyes.
At 4 or 5 months, the baby will stretch his/her arm to reach things.
At 6 months old, their eyesight motivity capacity will be significantly developed.
The baby sees in 3D.
During the following months, the baby learns to use his/her vision for more and more delicate and complex assignments.
At 5 years old, the child nearly acquired all of his/her eyesight capacities.  

Potential warning points of reference
An eye that turns occasionally.
Excessive facial contortions or eye blinking.
Both of his/her eyes are not straight when looking straightforward.
Your child was born as a premature baby.
You are yourself wearing glasses.
But, in many cases, parents will not detect by themselves an eye that cannot see.

What treatments up to one year old?
Consult an ophthalmologist, as he/she will be the only person appropriate.
You may be able to correct an eyesight defect starting from 4 months old 
Deficient eyesight has to be detected prior to the child starting school.

Vision Games                                                        

We purpose to your child, book of eye games 

1) Contrast sensibility (1 to 2 years)

Test 1

2) Contrast sensibility (3 to 4 years)
 Test 2
3) Color vision ( 3 years)
Test 3
4)  Movements perception (4 years)
Test 4
5) Movement perception (4 years)
Test 5
6) Coordination shape and colors (3 years)
Test 6
Do you see spots?
Game 1
How many equilaterals triangles do you see?
Game 2
Are the horizontals lines straight ? 
Game 4